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Registration for exchange program DUO-Belgium/Wallonia-Brussels 2018 being started

  • 10 April 2018, 08:17
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The aim of the program is to promote “paired exchanges” between professors from Wallonia-Brussels HEIs and Asian ones. Applicants must be member of the academic or scientific staff of a higher education institution.

However, the following groups are not entitled for a fellowship:

-          Students and PhD students;

-          Professors emeritus, honorary professors;

-          Temporary staff;

-          Teaching assistants.

Exemptions are possible for the colleges of arts.

The exchange takes place between higher education organizations of the French Community of Belgium and Asia.

An important requirement is the academic cooperation agreement between paired institutions (with the French Community of Belgium as a pair) or the declaration of intent to sign one in the two following years.

No applicants will be accepted beyond the deadline of 20 April 2018.

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