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VyatSU is a venue for Kaizen technology workshop

  • 19 October 2018, 07:15
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The workshop is addressed to participants of the Presidential program of Kirov region A seminar “Human resources preparation through kaizen” started at VyatSU the other day. Its program was implemented by lecturers from Joint-Stock Company “Logo”: Kouji Tsumagori (Logo Director Representative) and Tominaga Hiroshi (Logo Business Partner).

Kaizen is a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, supporting business processes, personal efficiency, and other aspects of life. It was Kaizen-technology that allowed Nissan to revive in the 1990s after a protracted economic crisis, giving a powerful impetus to its development.

The unique seminar was attended by graduates of the Presidential program that has been implemented by VyatSU by order of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation since 1999. Valentin Pugach, VyatSU Rector, emphasized: Top-management training does not end up with final certification.

Graduates of the Presidential Program continue exploring the best practices from different countries. VyatSU and the Alumni Association of the Presidential Program organized meetings and thematic seminars with the participation of leading management, marketing and strategic planning specialists.

A workshop from Japanese Center of Nizhny Novgorod is among suchlike events. Valentin Pugach warmly welcomed the representatives of Japanese business and joined the audience of the program, which was implemented at VyatSU within two days.

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