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VyatSU sophomore Diana Sitchikhina was among the winners of the workshop of the International Winter School on Architecture and Urban Planning

  • 21 February, 10:30
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The sketch project "Center for Human Solidarity" presented by the pupil of the Department of Design and Fine Arts was highly appreciated by experts

On February 8-13, the Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Civil Engineering held an international winter school on architecture and urban planning, the participants of which were Diana Sitchikhina and Anastasia Dyakova, sophomores at the Faculty of Technology, Engineering and Design of VyatSU.

The program of the winter school included master classes from leading architects, virtual tours of the architectural sights of Baku, as well as a workshop "Architecture and the city during a pandemic". The participants were asked to design a safe public space, taking into account all the rules and sanitary standards, the observance of which is necessary during a pandemic. The obligatory requirement was also the reflection of the ecology theme in the draft. The key object was to become a rehabilitation center, and the adjacent territory was to include park and walking areas; open, enclosed or partially enclosed spaces for social rehabilitation, cultural communication and nutrition.

    I presented a draft design "Center for Human Solidarity", the concept of which is based on the connection between the history of Baku and its current high-tech development. I used the first symbol of the city: in the center - the image of the Bull, on the right and left sides of which the Sun, the symbol of fire. It was interesting to work with the territory, although there was a difficulty associated with the large area of ​​the city and the presence of only a virtual opportunity to study it -

told Diana Sitchikhina, who was awarded the 3rd place according to the results of the workshop. She was awarded a diploma, and both participants of the winter school, mastering at VyatSU the "Design of a Subject-Spatial Environment" profile of the "Urban Planning" training direction, were issued certificates of the Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Civil Engineering and the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan.

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