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Vyatka State University is a versatile educational institution, which trains specialists for the various branches. The University has a wide range of research interests, the broad themes of publications and conferences, various methods of training of scientific and pedagogical staff and students enrolled in all directions and forms of education.

However, the dissemination of information on the achievements of the university is limited. There is also the problem of deterrence publications graduate and doctoral students in the period up to the protection of their scientific papers.

At the initiative of the rector Valentin Pugach was decided to publish electronic scientific peer-reviewed journal.

In accordance with federal law in the magazine included the chief editor Valentin Pugach (rector of the university) and deputy editor Sergei Litvinets (vice-rector for scientific research).

The founder of the magazine is the Vyatka State University .

Magazine as a means of mass media, registered in the Federal Service for Supervision of Legislation in Mass Communications and Protection of Cultural Heritage.

The certificate of registration of mass media (the Ministry of Press, Broadcasting and Mass Media): № FS77-50605.

The journal is registered in the International Center ISSN. Number ISSN: 2307-0536.

The journal «Advanced science» presented the publication of technical, physical and mathematical, biological, chemical, socio-economic and social, as well as the humanities.

Frequency of issue now - four issues per year.

The publications archive

The scientific journal "Advanced science" №4 (4) 2014

The scientific journal "Advanced science" №3 (3) 2013

The scientific journal "Advanced science" №2 (2) 2012

The scientific journal "Advanced science" №1 (1) 2012

Legal address of the editorial board:
610000 Kirov, Moscovskaya st, d.36
The actual address of the editorial board:
610002 Kirov, Lenin st., 111, of. 134. Tel. 8 (8332) 208-964
Scientific publishing:
610002 Kirov, Lenin st., 111, of. 134. Tel. 8 (8332) 208-964
E-mail: vestnik43@mail.ru; publisher@vyatsu.ru
Director - Ph.D., Associate Professor Alexander Harunzhev
Chief Technical Editor - Ph.D. Lodygin Dmitry G.
Managing Editor - Ph.D. Korchemkina Maria Alexandrovna