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Program in Russian Philology “Russian as a Foreign Language” (traineeship)

  • 30 November 2016, 22:54
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The program is offered to foreign citizens who wish to improve their knowledge in Russian philology (literature and folklore), to increase their proficiency of Russian as a foreign language and to prepare for the state certification test (TORFL-1, TORFL-2).

The program includes 8 academic disciplines, involving both classroom and independent work of students in the total amount of 1,080 hours (23-27 classroom hours per week):

-          Modern Russian language with basics of linguistics;

-          Practical course of the Russian language;

-          Business communication and culture of speech;

-          Russian literature;

-          Geography;

-          Expressive reading;

-          Translation Practice.


Study period: within 1 year (September-May).

The cost of the study program is established in agreement with the partner university.

This cost includes:

-          tuition fee,

-          payment for accommodation in a hostel,

-          state taxes, relating to the procedure of registration and its renewal, and visas,

-          medical insurance.


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