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Russian as a foreign language

  • 14 August 2016, 14:46
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If you are a foreigner and work in Russia, or if you are a native Russian speaker, but your employees can hardly speak the Russian language, then we invite you and your colleagues to take a course of Russian as a foreign language for self-education or preparation for the Russian citizenship language tests.

The test is a system of certification of the Russian language levels, each of which offers a certain opportunity. The Linguistic Centre gives a possibility to study at the preparatory courses to get prepared for the test.


Elementary level test TEL/A1 (Primary Level of the Russian language)

Elementary level test is for those who had never studied the Russian language. Students learn to read and write in Russian, understand the Russian language, speak (including business conversation) using basic grammatical structures of the Russian language. After performing the course, students will be able to tell about themselves, about their families, work and hobbies; they will learn common phrases to be used in transport, shops and restaurants; so they can keep an elementary conversation on everyday topics.


Basic level test TBL/A2 (Intermediate Level of the Russian language necessary to obtain the Russian citizenship)

At a basic level the Russian vocabulary and grammar is significantly enriched. A student can speak in details about his hometown, interests and occupation; he keeps the conversation about the weather, work, health, food, family, films, theaters, and other topics of his interest. At this level the student is prepared by an experienced teacher to pass the basic level test (TBL) of the Russian state system of testing that is the test to obtain the Russian citizenship.


Test of Russian as a Foreign Language TORFL - 1,2,3,4

The First Certification Level (TORFL-I / B1) - successful performance at the First Level Certificate indicates an intermediate level of language competence, which authorizes its holder to apply to a Russian university.

The Second Level Certificate (TORFL-II / В2) - successful performance at the Second Level Certificate indicates a high level of competence in Russian which allows its holder to receive bachelor's, master's and PhD degrees at Russian universities, excluding certain philology-related specialties.

The Third Level Certificate (TORFL-III / C1) - successful performance at the Third Level Certificate allows receiving a University diploma in Linguistics and other humanitarian specialties.

The Fourth Level Certificate (TORFL-IV / C2) - successful performance at the Fourth Level Certificate indicates Proficiency in Russian and the candidate's language competence close to a native Russian-speaker, so it gives a right to teach Russian as a foreign language.



To obtain the Russian citizenship a certificate confirming the Russian language at the intermediate level is required; it is achievable after performing two levels of Russian language courses at VyatSU Linguistic Center.

The study program includes classes in groups of 8-10 people or individually, as well as home tasks for independent work. Training is scheduled in a flexible way: 3-5 classes per week up to students’ choice.

Training is based on a specially designed educational program that takes into account ethnicity and academic ability of students. The Courses are conducted by experienced highly-qualified teachers of Vyatka State University.

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