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  • 25 April 2019, 08:34
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April 8-19, 2019. A kick-off strategic session of the territorial innovation cluster of «Biotechnological Cluster of Kirov Region» and the III Interregional Session on intercluster interaction within «BioKirov-2019» forum took place in Kirov.

The event was organized by Kirov Regional Foundation for Small and Medium Business Support. The venue for the sessions was provided by Vyatka State University.

The round table discussions were attended by Vladislav Tarasenko (Moscow), Olga Kostenko, Andrei Filinkov (Kirov), representatives of the regional Government and Kirov administration, participants of Kirov region Biotechnological cluster, chemical and biotechnological cluster from the Komi Republic, cluster on industrial development of biotechnology in Kirov region, Industrial cluster of biotechnology, representatives of small and medium businesses.

VyatSU Rector Valentin Pugach welcomed the participants:

We’ve got a task - to make a technological breakthrough and to enter the V-VI techno-economic paradigms by 2036.

Preparation for the super-task is the implementation of national projects, involving the transformation of the economy into a new economy, focused on socio-economic orders: increasing productivity, waste recycling and improving the environment, developing an auspicious habitat, creating a healthy and balanced diet based on organic products.

During the round tables the participants discussed the promising areas of biotechnology development in the framework of national projects and the role and place of clusters in their implementation, the formation and financing of cluster (intercluster) innovation projects and their integration with the implementation of national projects.

During the event, working groups were formed to form a roadmap for the implementation of intercluster projects in priority areas:


healthy food,

autonomous energy,

medical technology and pharmacy,

organic farming,

organic waste recycling.

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