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Learning Chinese language and culture first stage completed

  • 10 February, 10:57
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VyatSU students who completed the Chinese language course at the Liaoning University of Science and Technology were awarded certificates

The start of accepting applications for those wishing to undergo training under the program was announced back in the summer of 2020. Then more than 70 people applied for the courses. Only 45 started training, and only 16 reached the end.

Ekaterina Vokueva:

    I would like to express my gratitude to our university and our partners who gave us the opportunity to study Chinese. We will be happy to continue our studies, because it was very interesting for us.

Classes were held in an online format with teachers from Liaoning University of Science and Technology. Students of the program learned the basics of the Chinese language and got acquainted with the culture and traditions of China.

Director of the International Department, Lou Xudong International Language School (LouXuDong):

    Hello dear students. Friendly relations with Russian universities is one of the priorities of our work, and we are very happy when Russian students show interest and learn Chinese. I hope this program will help you get closer to our students, get to know each other better, and make friends. We will be very happy to continue our cooperation and develop this training program.

VyatSU Vice-Rector for International Affairs Sergey Fomin:

    I would like to add that cooperation with Chinese partners is also a priority for us. I see that we have a lot of points of contact, including in the scientific field. We are now forming a set of proposals on which we could work with your university in the future.

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