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"100 great children"

  • 7 September, 15:35
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This is the name of the new book of Professor of VyatSU Vladimir Pomelov, issued by the publishing house "Veche"

The Moscow Publishing House "Veche" published a book of "100 Great Children" of the Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Department of Pedagogy of Vyatka State University V.B. Pomelov.

This is already the second book of Vladimir Borisovich, published in this famous series. The first was the book "100 Great Pedagogues" (M., 2018). The new book tells about the children who have done something in their lives that they people will never forget. The author distributed his heroes into several categories: Heroes of the Great Patriotic War, fighters against evil and social injustice, young literaturists, artists, scientists, inventors, etc.

Among the heroes of the book are Samanta Smith and Anna Frank, Tanya Savicheva, Vitya Potals, Seryozha Paramonov, Gulya Koroleva, V.A. Mozart, Elena Podlov and many other children who have committed extraordinary things during their childhoods, entering the history books. Their names are forever inscribed in history. Did you know that it was the children who invented trampolines, snowmobiles, TVs, flashlights that do not require batteries and a lot more? The answer to these and many other questions you will find in the book V.B. Pomelov.

The book will be in the bookstores throughout the country in a couple of days, and you can order it now.

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