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100 years of the Department of Pedagogy, VyatSU

  • 29 March, 11:53
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The Department of Pedagogy is one of the oldest at the university. On the occasion of the anniversary, in the coworking space of the academic building No. 15, a meeting of future teachers and teachers of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology was held with the author of a series of monographs on pedagogy and numerous publications on the history of the department and the university, Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor Vladimir Pomelov

Vladimir Borisovich spoke about the history of his dear department, shared his memories of colleagues with whom he had to work together over the past forty years. He presented the meeting participants with historical facts that the first teacher of pedagogy and psychology can be considered the director of the Vyatka Teachers' Institute in 1914-1917 Alexander Modestovich von Wilcken, while the Department of Pedagogy itself dates back to the socio-pedagogical section, organized in 1921. In 1920's, Vladimir Borisovich noted, such prominent teachers of that time as the organizer of the first kindergarten in Vyatka, Klavdia Andreevna Luppova, a famous master in the field of crafts Mikhail Nikolaevich Shatrov, a prominent domestic zoopsychologist Nikolai Yurievich Voitonis, a famous doctor and pedologist,. given a descendant of J.V. von-Goethe Vasily Alekseevich Trater, a prominent historian of pedagogy Vasily Yakovlevich Struminsky, and others worked in the section.

Vladimir Borisovich spoke about the activities of the Department of Pedagogy during the period of its transformation from the subject section directly to the department. So, in 1930, Vasily Dmitrievich Ivanov became the first head of the department of pedagogy and psychology of the Vyatka Pedagogical Institute, and in 1936-1938. Pavel Nikolaevich Shimbirev, the author of the first Soviet textbooks on pedagogy, the first doctor of pedagogical sciences at the institute, worked as the head of the department and at the same time as the director of the Kirov Pedagogical Institute. In the same years, a well-known scientist of all-Union scale, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Sergei Maksimovich Shabalov worked at the department.

Special attention of the students was attracted by the fact that among the professors of the department there were many participants of the Great Patriotic War, for example, professors Vasily Fedorovich Sakharov and Mikhail Izrailevich Smirnov, associate professors David Moiseevich Sonin, Boris Vasilyevich Legotiin, Tatyana Borisovna Khrabrikova, Antonina Efimovna Sitnikova, and others.

At the end of the story about the historical development of the Department of Pedagogy, Vladimir Borisovich drew the attention of future teachers to the activities of the department in the second half of the twentieth century. He noted the most famous scientists such as Professor M.I.Smirnov, the first woman - doctor of sciences in the history of the institute - M.G. Yanovskaya, V.F.Sakharov, V.Z.Yusupov, T.V. Masharova and others. The pride of the Department of Pedagogy, according to V.B. Pomelov, was that in 1995-2012. the dissertation council (first candidate, since 1999 - doctoral) successfully operated at the department, in which 208 candidates for a scientific degree defended their dissertations. Currently, the department employs six doctors of science.

After the presentation, V.B. Pomelov answered questions from students and teachers.

The students expressed their deep gratitude to Vladimir Borisovich for a meaningful historical excursion into the life of the pedagogy department of Vyatka State University.

Translated by Artemij Sizov

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