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Afternoon tea by Zakhar Shashin and his lecture "Tea as a joy" at 17.00 on August 30, 2018 within "ART SUMMER in the Botanical Garden"

  • 27 August 2018, 07:57
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Tea as a way of life, a deep philosophy and an incredible source of inspiration is a topic of this lecture by Zakhar Shashin. How these, specially processed leaves of camellia, had been able to start wars, to create religious traditions and even to form some national identity? The Japanese call a tea-time-meeting “a meeting, the only one in life”. But why this meeting is the only one?

This meeting with a connoisseur of eastern philosophy and tea culture will touch upon not only the history and philosophy of tea, but will also give an opportunity to imbue with the spirit and taste of tea ceremony. Tickets are available in the box office of the Botanical Garden. Price is 250 RUR per person. Phone: 64-05-00


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