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Anastasia Shabardina, a graduate and employee of VyatSU, spoke about her experience of participating in youth forums.

  • 12 April 2019, 09:55
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In 2018, Anastasia become the winner of the shift “SCIENCE AND EDUCATION” of the youth forum “IVOLGA-2018” with the youth volunteer movement “Life for Roads” project, proposing a chemical that improves the properties of the asphalt top layer.

I was started my scientific activities when I was a 4th year student, developed a project.

When it came to implementation, I tried to find financial support for my project. I participated in various competitions. In 2018, I took part in the youth forum “IVolga” and won.

In addition to the grant support, the forum gave me a lot of acquaintances, I found new friends, partners who now support my project.

It is very cool that my project has become a reality!

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