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Arkady Dvorkovich - online speaker of the Boiling Point of VyatSU

  • 4 June, 21:23
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On June 10, 2020, Arkady Dvorkovich, the member of the ASI expert Council and the Chairman of the SKOLKOVO Foundation, will deliver his first online lecture in a digital format at the university's Boiling Point of VyatSU.

 His “on-screen” meeting with students, teachers, stakeholders of VyatSU, as well as partners, representatives of government, business, civil society was initiated by the VyatSU Project Office of ASI.

 The topic of the lecture, formulated as “Interaction between universities and development institutions: growth points”, reflects the content of the project direction “Mentoring for Communities”, which VyatSU implements jointly with ASI within the framework of the Memorandum of Cooperation signed in the summer of 2019.

How to awaken activity among youth in terms of breakthrough scientific and social ideas? How to motivate paused startups? What managerial competencies will be required in the post-epidemic time? What innovative technologies will allow regional universities to adequately overcome the crisis? What role does the technology of network interaction between universities and government, business and development institutions play in the uncertainty of the future? What growth points can universities, authorities, and society unite? What is the future of higher education? These and other pressing issues that concern everyone without exception are the focus of Arkady Dvorkovich.

 An expert with rich managerial experience and knowledge of the specifics of the country's economic life will share his ideas.

Everyone who joins the online broadcast on June 10 at 12.00 will be able to get acquainted with new and, of course, useful information, ask questions in the chat, and get a qualified answer to them.

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