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Vyatka State University students took the second team place in the International Olympiad on Statistics

  • 3 June, 14:24
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The final stage of the X International Olympiad in Statistics has ended. The competition was attended by teams from 86 universities of Russia and Kazakhstan. 18 universities from St. Petersburg, Yakutsk, Velikiye Luki, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Orel, Amursk and Kirov reached the final.

In the final round, students were asked to prepare a creative assignment related to the All-Russian Population Census.

For the first time, a creative task was offered - to tell what statistics and a census are. And for those who still had strength after the past tests there was an additional task - to write poetry about statistics and to tell ViPiN about their region. Teams were divided into two levels: basic and advanced. As a result of the struggle, the team of Vyatka State University took second place at an advanced level. Congratulations to students team: Saydakova Victoria, Khokhlova Svetlana, Nekrasova Elena and the team leader associate professor, Candidate of economic sciences Irina Lapteva.


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