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Around the World in One Hour

  • 14 November 2018, 08:16
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Over 400 Kirov citizens tested their geography knowledge during VyatSU educational event.

To take an exam during one’s day off - the idea is no more strange when it is a large international educational campaign! Over 400 Kirov citizens - from schoolchildren to pensioners - have written a Geographic dictation held all over the country on the initiative of the Russian Geographical Society. VyatSU Institute of Chemistry and Ecology became a regional venue for the dictation.

Participation there gives people of different ages the opportunity to expand their geographical horizon and motivate them to study geography.

One of the most vivid impressions of our life is connected with traveling. To plan journeys properly, one should have an idea about nature and culture of our country and abroad.

 Galina Russkikh and Iraida Alalykina,

Associate professors of the Department of Geography and Teaching Methods reminded that a real citizen always knew history and geography of one’s country. Thus, most of the dictation’s tasks were associated with amazing expeditions, outstanding travelers and unique places of Russia.

 An interesting exposition was offered to the participants in addition to the main program: it included various ethnographic maps and expedition maps of prominent Russian travelers.


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