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Biotechnologies of Vyatsu - to improve the quality of the urban environment

  • 10 July 2019, 09:08
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Scientists of VyatSU presented the first results of new development testing.

In early June, biotechnologists of VyatSU began testing a new biological product for cleaning and improving reservoirs in ponds near the circus. The biological product is developed on the basis of a natural sorbent - glauconite, on the surface of which a complex of unique beneficial microorganisms is applied.

The use of a biological product leads to a decrease of ammonium ions content in water, suppressing the development of blue-green algae, mud, duckweed, putrefactive and anaerobic microorganisms; reduce the content of heavy metals.

It is important that the use of a biological product does not have a negative impact on animals and plants living in reservoirs.

At the beginning of the experiment, 500 kg of the preparation was applied to the treatment of ponds near the circus. Today we can already talk about the first test results.

Sergey Litvinets, the Vice-Rector for Science and Innovations of VyatSU:

Laboratory studies of water quality have already shown that the result of the use of a biological product was a positive dynamics of such indicators as acidity and ammonium nitrogen, which indicates a decrease in the activity of putrefactive processes and improvement of the reservoir.

Testing are still ongoing. If the preparation passes them successfully, it will be used for other reservoirs of our city.

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