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Boccia gives joy and hope

  • 19 November 2018, 08:26
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The Flagship University has become a venue for competitions in one of the most modern Paralympic sportsFor several years, the Department of Physical Culture and Sport within the framework of the strategic project “Agency for Educational Innovation” of the VyatSU has been working on the development of Paralympic sports boccia. Every Saturday, dozens of parents bring their children with health problems to the boccia section for classes under the guidance of Vladislav Poperekov, assistant professor of the Department of Adaptive Physical Culture and Teaching Methods. And every time training becomes a real holiday, giving children the joy of communication, new achievements, and most importantly - the hope that the difficulties can be overcome if there is strength of mind and caring people around!

The partners of the Flagship University teachers for the rehabilitation and socialization of children through boccia are the Charitable Found “It’s a miracle” and the Kirov branch of Megafon. Yesterday, in a spacious gymnasium of the VyatSU training and sports complex, jointly with partners were held boccia competitions, which gave young athletes the opportunity to share their successes.
Participants were warmly welcomed by the Commissioner for Children's Rights in the Kirov region, Vladimir Shabardin, director of the Kirov branch of Megafon, Alexey Zhenikhov, project manager of the Charitable Foundation “It's a Miracle” Lyudmila Cheshuina. The spectacular performances of the Cheerleading team of the VyatSU, which created the atmosphere of a real holiday, became an excellent gift for spectators and participants of the competition!

“Bogatiri”, “Druzhina”, “Cometa”, “Strizhi” - these are the names of the teams that came to the site to measure their strength in boccia! Each participant has an assistant from among volunteers, but all the ball throws were made by future Paralympians on their own, without any help or hints. The battle has become stubborn and entertaining, and the audience did not stint on support!
All participants of competitions caused admiration and empathy, but in sports, there are always winners - by results of a series of meetings they were defined and here. However, much more important than the results of the standings was the atmosphere of the event, created by the indomitable will to win the athletes and the warmth of fan's hearts.
All participants received prizes and memorable gifts, heard many warm words addressed to them. Also were noted people with the help of whose efforts the athletes achieved impressive results - in particular, students helping to conduct trainings. Among them are Victoria Sabrekova, Maria Sykchina and Alexander Olyunin, who were awarded letters of thanks from the “It's a Miracle” Charitable Found.

The festival of sports was a success, and new achievements are ahead - no doubt neither children nor parents: the sky's the limits for training with professionals, and boccia continues to give joy and hope!