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Bright and safe panel "Granite of Science" has found a new life

  • 1 November, 12:52
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Renovation of the image on the 15th building of Vyatka State University in Chizhi is completed

Students, flasks, formulas and theorems - the educational process on the wall of building 15 is in full swing and in a new look. The color scheme of the 2020 composition has been preserved, as it was conceived in the distant 80s. The authors of the drawing put constancy and reliability into the brown color of the image, green symbolized youth and hope, white - life, development and prosperity.

The birth of "Granite of Science" dates back to 1979, it was then, when the educational building in Chizhi was put in operation. The image was made using the "sgraffito" technique - a method of decorative wall decoration, performed by scratching out successively applied layers.

41 years later, the composition is distinguished only by the technique of execution - now it is a graffiti panel, and, importantly, safety, and for the university this is the most important criterion.

Note that the drawing was recreated with minimal errors by the projection method. Its total area is 225 square meters.


Translated by Artemy Sizov

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