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Congratulations from VyatSU Rector Valentin Pugach on the New Year 2021!

  • 30 December 2020, 09:49
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Dear colleagues, dear students!

2020 at our university was, first of all, a breakthrough, daring, full of challenges and achievements, full of pride!

Of course, the pandemic has made its own adjustments to our well-oiled rhythm of life. We focused on health, we had to include completely different formats, resolve issues with unprecedented efficiency, change ourselves and those around us. And at a time when many large state institutions dreamed of simply "staying afloat", our university went ahead, took new heights, won recognition at the Russian level and abroad, confirming the status of a modern, authoritative, successful university.

And now about those thanks to whom all this became possible. I have spoken many times about how proud I am of our team. This is your selfless daily work, colleagues, this is your desire to become the best, dear students, helped the university in a difficult year. A huge number of awards, events held, ratings, brilliantly performed tasks - all this is the merit of our close-knit university team! Thank you! Thank you for being near, for hearing each other, for walking shoulder to shoulder.

In 2021, I wish each of you health! Your families - peace and warmth, your successes - multiplication, dreams - only come true, and all good plans - become reality. In the year of the Ox, let's be stubborn, firm in our intentions, unbroken in our goals!

Happiness to you, our big university family!


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