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Contemporary global problems by Giulietto Chiesa in VyatSU project "Lectures in the Polytechnic"

  • 8 November 2018, 08:42
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It is not often possible to meet a person who objectively expressed own judgments regarding contemporary world events. Giulietto Chiesa, an Italian journalist, writer and public figure, is doubtfully among such people. This Italian politician is well-known as an official expert of Russian state media.

Thus, his visit to Kirov by the invitation of VyatSU top-management was considered to be an extraordinary event. The rich visit program included various meetings with VyatSU students, post-graduate students, faculty members, and the public. But the main purpose of Giulietto Chiesa’s arrival was his speech within the educational project “Lectures at the Polytechnic”, where he delivered a lecture “Global chaos: is there any way out?”

A lecture is not quite suitable definition to this event.

This was, most likely, a detailed interview with both a professional journalist and a caring person who is genuinely concerned with issues of instability and imbalance of the modern world.

The main theses were based on the recently published Chiesa’s book “Global chaos. Russia is back, and the West crisis. Good Bye Russia!” (2018).

In brief, it was about the role of Russia in the conditions of the military-political imbalance, economic sanctions, the importance of resistance to American ideology, and the role of religion as a tool for peoples’ negotiability, the necessity to develop personal intelligence for one’s consciousness protecting from false information and mythology of pop culture.

The meeting started with the apocalyptic picture of the world, and the lecturer firmly formulated the possibility of the third world war with at least half of the world's population to die, and all civilized countries to be destroyed. This objective approach based on pure facts: Chiesa gave a professional analysis of the current world situation. The politician doesn’t support the idea of the unipolar world – he proved it in an introductory part of the lecture and during the Q&A session.
In conclusion VyatSU President V.Yungblyud presented Giulietto Chiesa with a Dymkovo toy - a symbol of Vyatka and traditional Russian culture, having demonstrated that meeting with the Italian thinker was not accidental and there was a hope for further communication.