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Entry to Russia for foreign students and COVID-19 prevention measures at Vyatka State University

  • 5 September, 18:58
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Entry to Russia for international students and COVID-19 prevention measures at Vyatka state University

Nowadays students are not allowed to enter Russia to continue their studies, but we hope that this restriction will be lifted in the near future

A list of measures aimed at reducing the spread of the COVID-19 virus has now been prepared. Please read the information carefully and be prepared to comply with the relevant requirements

By the decision of the state bodies of the Russian Federation, from August 1, 2020 until a separate order, additional rules and measures aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19 are being introduced for all foreign citizens arriving in Russia from abroad.

Entry to Russia

All foreign citizens must be tested for COVID-19 no earlier than 3 calendar days before arriving in Russia.

A certificate confirming the result of a negative test for COVID-19 may be asked to show when leaving their country and during border control in Russia.

Mandatory isolation

From the day of entry into Russia, a 14-day isolation period is established for all foreign students. The employees of VyatSU will meet students coming from abroad at the Kirov railway station or at the Pobedilovo airport and accompany them to the place of isolation.

The university will provide medical supervision, three meals a day, free Internet access, and connection to all university online services.

Retest for COVID-19

Students will be allowed to study only after completing a 14-day isolation, with a COVID-19 test on days 10-12.

If within 14 calendar days from the date of arrival in Russia there is any deterioration in health, you must immediately seek medical help by calling "103" or "112".

Life at the University

Before the start of classes, the buildings of the University are cleaned and all rooms are treated with disinfectants.  Regular cleaning, ventilation and treatment of premises will become an integral part of our life.

Upon entering the building, all visitors are checked for temperature. Persons with signs of a cold, fever, runny nose, cough will not be allowed to enter buildings.

At the entrance to the university, in the lobbies, in public areas and in the dining area there are antiseptics and handwashes are provided.

At the territory of the University students, faculty and staff are required to wear masks. This will allow to organize the educational process, observing the rules for the prevention of new coronavirus infection.

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