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"Everyone is both a creator and a creation here"

  • 17 February, 10:01
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VyatSU summed up the results of the Mentor program 2.0

On February 10, at the Boiling Point and on the Zoom platform, the closing ceremony of the Mentor Program, implemented at VyatSU for the second time, took place. For four months, more than 20 students acted as menti - pupils of professionals who built successful careers in the university, business, and government bodies. The busy work schedule did not prevent each of the mentors from immersing themselves in a new type of activity - as a result, both parties gained important experience, and the communication process became mutually beneficial.

   - Here everyone is both a creator and a creation, - the organizer of the project, Elena Chetverikova emphasized.

Mentors Ekaterina Mityagina (Vice-Rector for Development based on data analysis of VyatSU), Evgeny Maryinsky (General Director of MFC LLC in Kirov), Svetlana Zanko (Head of the Information Center for Atomic Energy in Kirov) shared their impressions of participation in the program.

   -  The mentoring program for me is definitely not about tutoring, not about training. This is a different process in nature, very personal, concerning the "tuning" of two mature people, each of whom wants to go further. In this communication, trust acquires an extremely important role, and the project itself loses its mass features, becoming niche, elite, - this is the opinion of the vice-rector for strategic development and project activities of VyatSU Konstantin Bazhin, who acted as a mentor in both the first and second cycles of the program.

And what about the mentee?

   - It was an important and necessary experience. I would like to note not only the value of the additional skills obtained, but also the possibility of useful communication - I hope in the future this will allow me to establish myself as a pro and even go beyond the scope of my specialty, - said project participant Dmitry Skopin. Other menti are in solidarity with him, noting the high results of interaction with the best professionals.

The second cycle of the VyatSU Mentor Program has been completed, and the organizers are already thinking about the third: if there is demand, then there will be supply!

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