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Evgeny Konyshev, the scientist of VyatSU, spoke about the expedition to one of the most inaccessible places in Russia

  • 11 September 2019, 08:31
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Together with like-minded people, he touched the mysteries of the Putorana Plateau and completed a tourist-recreational description of the territory.

What do you know about Putorana Plateau?

In August, the Kirov Regional Branch of the Russian Geographical Society organized an expedition on the plateau. The expedition was held under the leadership of Sergei Gerasimov, the Chairman of the Federation of Health and Sports Tourism of the Kirov Region, and Evgeny Konyshev, the Associate Professor of the Department of Service, Tourism and Trade of VyatSU.

The main purpose of the expedition was a comprehensive ecological and economic assessment of tourist-recreational activities on the Putorana Plateau, -

explained Evgeny Valerevich. -

The Putorana Plateau is one of the unique and most inaccessible places in Russia, located in the northwest of the Central Siberian Plateau. It was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List and is an extensive complex of high flat-topped massifs separated by deep and wide stepped vaults. There are numerous lakes with clear water, the geographical center of Russia, as well as the highest and most beautiful waterfalls in Eurasia.

During the field phase of the expedition, a new tourist route was tested. The route allows you to touch the riddles of the Putorana Plateau, appreciate the beauty and power of the Yenisei, get acquainted with the history and life of inaccessible areas of the country. The expedition overcame more than 2400 kilometers along the Yenisei and Kureyka rivers, measured the depth of Lake Dupkun, reached the source and attempted to determine the height of Talnikov Falls.

Now scientists are processing the results. According to the results of the expedition, a report will be compiled and a series of scientific articles will be published.

We hope that the project will draw attention to the problem of tourism development on the Putorana Plateau. The completed tourist-recreational description of the territory will contribute to the formation of a positive tourist image of the plateau and increasing its accessibility and safety. Recommendations on the organization of tourist-recreational activities will minimize the negative impact of tourists on the unique and fragile Siberian nature, - said Yevgeny Konyshev.

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