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“For all occasions”: retirees vs. students at the VyatSU site

  • 19 February 2019, 08:51
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In the framework of the IX All-Russian Championship on computer all-round the Flagship University of the Kirov region will host a business game among retirees

On February 13, a working meeting devoted to the preparation and holding of the IX All-Russian Championship on computer all-around among retirees in the Kirov region in June this year was held in VyatSU.

Vladimir Klonitsky, the deputy chairman of the All-Russian public organization Union of retirees of Russia, Yury Palyukh, the Minister of Information Technologies and Communications of the Kirov Region, and the Vice-Rector for Strategic Development and Project Activities of the VyatSU Konstantin Bazhin took part in it.

During the meeting, it was decided within the framework of the championship to hold the business game “For all occassions”.  The participants of the game would be Russian retirees and students of the Flagship University of the region. They will have to measure their knowledge on a wide range of issues, in particular legal ones. The business game will be held at the VyatSU site with the participation of the ConsultantPlus company.

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