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Foreign students - about the love of the Russian language

  • 4 December 2021, 14:59
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At the Boiling Point of VyatSU, an annual competition of reciters among foreign students was held "There is the Russian spirit - there is the smell of Russ." Foreigners read poems about Russia and introduced the guests to poems of their own composition

The Russian soul, the history of Russia and love for the Motherland - these themes sounded at the poetry competition of readers. For the fourth year in a row at VyatSU, foreign students get acquainted with Russian culture through poetry.

Irina Merkulova, Dean of the Faculty of International Education:

    We see how important it is to acquaint foreigners with Russian culture. Two years of the pandemic have done their job: foreigners cannot fully get to know our country while sitting behind screens. We try to involve them in all activities. At the reading competition, we see that foreign students feel and understand poems in the same way as we Russian people.

A student from Tajikistan Ikbol Bobosultonov began to study the Russian language from school. He says he likes Russia for the opportunity to be free, only the cold sometimes makes you feel the opposite - you have to wrap yourself in a thick coat. Not only warm clothes help to survive the cold, but also soulful Russian fairy tales, especially Alexander Pushkin.

    They have something that conveys the Russian spirit!

Today, the young man himself often takes up a pencil and writes poetry. Of course, in Russian, which became the second native language.

My dear land, my dear home,
Where the sun shines outside the window
Where often, often in the morning
The tits and nightingales are singing...

A student from Angola Antonio Marlene does not yet write poetry, but she brilliantly translates Portuguese literature into Russian. This time, the girl dedicated her performance to her native Angola: her wonderful women, nature and cultural values. As a token of gratitude from the guests of the holiday, Antonio received paper hearts.

    I am very glad that you liked my poems, because today I told about the history of my country. The poem was written by the first president of Angola as a response to colonization and the hope for a happy life in a free country. It is very dear to my Motherland!

Students from China who are in their homeland today took part in an online reading competition. Note that in the near future - December 17 - a festive meeting will again take place for foreign students, which will be dedicated to New Year's traditions in different countries.

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