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Foreign students will be able to work while studying in Russia

  • 10 August, 11:53
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According to the new rules, foreign students can get a job in Russia without obtaining a special permit or patent

The relevant law came into force today.

From August 5, 2020, students of Russian universities studying intramural on basic educational programs that have state accreditation can work in their free time without obtaining a work permit! All the main educational programs of VyatSU have such accreditation, so all our students can work in their free time without a permit!

Now foreign intramural students will be able to legally earn extra money in their free time. To conclude an employment or civil law contract with an employer, they will only need to provide a student status confirmation from a university or college with state accreditation. In this case, the employer also does not need to obtain permission to hire foreigners.

Prior to the new law, foreign students were able to work without a work permit or patent only during vacations and only in their educational organizations or in business associations, economic partnerships created by educational organizations in which they study.

At the same time, the law prescribes that a contract concluded with foreign students is subject to avoid upon completion or termination of training.

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