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From an idea to a new teaching tool

  • 5 October, 14:13
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The pedagogical hackathon at Boiling Point was the start of a new season of the "Student & Teacher" project, implemented by Vyatka State University in cooperation with the Institute for the Development of Education of the Kirov Region

The first day of October was one of the brightest in the life of the pedagogical community of the region: the third season of the large-scale project "Student & Teacher" started at the university's "Boiling Point". It is traditionally organized by the Vyatka State University and the Institute for the Development of Education of the Kirov Region; and the first event was the pedagogical hackathon "From an idea to new means of education", which brought together 276 students of various profiles of the "Pedagogical Education" training field and 76 teachers-mentors from 16 educational organizations in the city of Kirov.

    You have a very important task ahead of you - the creation of new products based on new knowledge. Without exaggeration, you are at the forefront of the development of science, society, pedagogy, -

stressed the President of VyatSU Valery Yungblyud, addressing the words of greeting to the participants of the hackathon.

Among them is Olga Ryakina, a history and social science teacher at a secondary school with in-depth study of individual subjects, who acts as a teacher-mentor for student teams since the founding of the joint project of VyatSU and IRO. Olga Anatolyevna shared:

    It is very interesting to work with future teachers, creating educational products necessary for a modern school! And not just to me: my eighth graders studying social studies are already waiting for students.

This year, in the team of Olga Ryakina, were sophomores of the Faculty of History, Political Science and Cultural Studies Danil Tokmeninov, Yulia Melnikova and Diana Mashkina. During the hackathon, they, along with other student-teacher teams, developed a passport for a project idea, which will be developed during the academic year, brought to the state of a ready educational solution and tested in the educational space of the school.

At the end of April next year, the project participants will again gather at the "Boiling Point" to present the results of their project activities to the pedagogical community. Videos, websites, workbooks, board and electronic games, scientific instruments, teaching aids - each team will create something of their own, original and innovative, containing a solution to a real problem and demanded by educational organizations of the region and the country.


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