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Hundreds of Kirov residents took part in the All-Russian educational-patriotic action in Engineerium

  • 5 September, 18:37
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Among them are the head of the region Igor Vasiliev and the rector of VyatSU Valentin Pugach.

On September 3, a large-scale educational and patriotic action "Victory Dictation" is being held throughout Russia, organized by the United Russia party together with the Russian Historical Society, the Russian Military Historical Society and the "Victory Volunteers" VOD to mark the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory.

In the Kirov region "Victory Dictation", aimed at testing knowledge of the history of the Great Patriotic War, was held at 54 sites, the main of which was the Engineeringium of the Vyatka State University. Hundreds of Kirov residents gathered here: students and schoolchildren, servicemen and pensioners, members of public organizations and representatives of law enforcement agencies, deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Kirov region and members of the regional government.

The event participants were warmly greeted by the rector of VyatSU Valentin Pugach, noting:

     It is very pleasant that it was the university site that became central to such a significant action.

Head of the region Igor Vasiliev, secretary of the Kirov regional branch of the United Russia party, stressed:

     It is necessary to remember the events of the Great Patriotic War so that they never happen again.

I.V. Vasiliev and V.N. Pugach joined the protesters and also answered the questions of the Victory Dictation.

It is important to note that out of 25 tasks proposed within the framework of the Dictation, five reflected regional themes.

"Dictation of Victory" at VyatSU became not only an informal national exam, but also a place of memory of the heroic past: an exhibition of military photos, documents, orders and medals, items of ammunition was held in the foyer of the Engineerium.

The results of the Dictation can be found on the website of the All-Russian action by the participant's individual number.

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