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Iconostases of Vyatka on photographies of the turn of the XIX-XX centuries were presented at an International Scientific Conference

  • 1 February 2020, 01:09
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The results of the study, conducted under the guidance of the Professor Natalia Krivosheina, were presented by Darina Cherezova, a post-graduate student of the Department of technology and design of Vyatka state University

At the end of January, the Stroganov Academy hosted a scientific conference that was held within the framework of International educational Christmas readings for the fourth time. The conference was dedicated to the art of the Christian world. This year it was called «CANON. Problems of artistic and temporal image of historically established Church buildings and temple space».

The conference received 37 reports from various regions of Russia, as well as from Poland, the UK, and Jordan. Representatives of Russian universities, the Moscow Theological Academy, the St. Tikhon’s Orthodox University, and the Moscow Patriarchate publishing house attended the hearings.

Vyatka State University became a member of the prestigious scientific forum for the third time. This year, Natalia Krivosheina, Professor of the Department of technology and design, Doctor of art history, Member of the International Association of Art Critics, arrived at the conference with Darina Cherezova, the postgraduate student.

The young scientist presented the report «Iconostases of Vyatka on photographies of the turn of the XIX-XX centuries». Darina Cherezova reviewed photographs of the iconostases of the turn of the 19th-20th centuries of the Vyatka Diocese of five counties: Vyatka, Slobodsky, Urzhumsky, Yaransky, Glazovsky at the State Archives of the Kirov region.

For the first time, the theme of systematizing the Vyatka iconostases according to a geographical principle was raised; based on factual materials collected from literary and archival sources and photographs, the author made an initial analysis at the level of constructive, decorative and stylistic decisions.

The article «Iconostases of Vyatka on photographies of the turn of the XIX-XX centuries» by D. Yu. Cherezova and N.V. Krivosheyina was published in the collection of materials of the scientific conference.

Photo from the website of Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts.

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