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In November, VyatSU students will have the opportunity to attend an optional course on universal competencies

  • 6 October, 17:52
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VyatSU has developed educational modules of universal competencies that will make graduates of all areas of training capable of solving a variety of problems

On September 30th, a project session started at Vyatka State University, moderated by the director of the Center for the Development of Universal Competencies of UrFU and business coach Ivan Zamoschansky.

- First of all, we see how the society is changing. These are global trends. The changes are happening pretty fast. According to various studies, a person changes profession several times in his life. A person's attitudes can change dramatically. Therefore, we, I mean education in general, must be able to answer the queries that a person may have during his life. Therefore, during these three days we talked about individual educational trajectories, that students need to be given a choice, we talked about variable educational programs, - said Ivan Zamoshchansky.

During the project session, educational modules were developed in the areas of "Communication", "Worldview", "Health Preservation", "Economics and Law" and "Project Management". Each module consists of a set of subjects and courses, from which students can choose exactly those that will be most interesting to them.

- Due to the variability, we will give a techie the opportunity to acquire those humanitarian competencies that will allow him, if anything, to quickly re-profile in life. And vice versa, today it is quite difficult for humanitarian scholars who do not have digital literacy, who do not know how to calculate a project, to find a sphere of their application that will allow it to be realized, - said Ivan Zamoshchansky.

Subjects for universal competencies will be introduced in stages. The first stage is planned for November of this year: students of Vyatka State University will be offered an course to attend.

 - We will invite our students to attend an optional course in addition to their curriculum. At this stage, it is very important for us to work out the technology of involvement, increasing students' interest in the elective. Of course, it is easier when a student comes to get an assessment, a grae, but the course assumes that assessment is not the case. We want to make sure that these classes in universal disciplines are, first of all, interesting, so that students see the result of this training, - said the vice-rector for education of VyatSU Sergei Nikulin.

The subjects and disciplines that will be offered to students as part of the elective are not yet disclosed. Detailed information will appear later on the VyatSU website, in the university communities on social networks and in the student's personal account.

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