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  • 21 November 2019, 07:54
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The regional platform of the All-Russian Economic Dictation in Vyatka State University was ranked ninth in the rating, improving last year’s result

Recall that on October 9, Vyatka State University again became the venue for the All-Russian Economic Dictation. This year the educational campaign was held in 85 territorial entities of the Russian Federation at 1,516 regional venues, as well as at 11 foreign venues in Tajikistan, Moldova, Mongolia and the Republic of Belarus.

Based on the final analytical and statistical reports submitted by the analytical group and the commission for checking and processing the results of the All-Russian Economic Dictation, a rating of 119 of the most active regional dictation sites has been compiled.

The regional venue at VyatSU took 9th place, improving the result of the last year. In addition, 4 participants of the regional venue of the Vyatka State University became the winners of the Dictation and awarded with diplomas.

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