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Interesting + useful = “Scientific break” of VyatSU Student Research Society

  • 13 November 2019, 09:03
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The coworking center of the main building of the Flagship University has become a place of work for a variety of scientific platforms

On World Science Day for Peace and Development, celebrated on November 10, the Student Research Society of Vyatka State University with the support of the Department of postgraduate studies, doctoral studies and scientific research of students prepared series of events.

On November 13, at the big break, all the most interesting, informative and useful took place in the coworking center of the main educational building of VyatSU. The activity was dedicated to Her Majesty Science - in the presentation of Student Research Society activists, this lady appeared not to be stern and dry; on the contrary, bright, attractive and keeping up with the times!

The platform “Fascinating Chemistry” has fully justified its name, becoming a venue for various experiments. The most popular was drawing with Berlin azure, the composition of which the participants of the SRS of the Institute of Chemistry and Ecology did not keep a secret.

The exhibition “Archeology for senior and junior” presented only a small part of the exhibits found in the city of Kirov in almost a hundred years. Details about the amazing finds of Vyatka archaeologists can be found out very soon: on November 15, the exposition “The archaeological study of the city of Kirov in the XX - early XXI centuries” will be opened.

The exhibition will be held in the VyatSU educational building №14 (111, Lenin St., Kirov) in the cabinet 123, from Monday to Friday, until December 15.

“Make Safety Great Again” - this is the name of the Department of Industrial Safety and Engineering Systems platform.

Our task is to familiarize the participants of the “Scientific Break” with modern personal protective equipment, -

explained the fourth-year student of the Faculty of Construction and Architecture Julia Trinko.

“Design Experiments” - what does this platform have to do with science?

The most direct: we offer those who wish to try themselves in design. It takes place everywhere: not only in artistic activity, but also in scientific, -

said the teacher of the Department of Design and Fine Art Anna Kopylova.

The ​​great interest was caused by the platform of the Intellectual Games Club, the guest of honor of which was ... the spider Kuzya, who visited the event at the request of fans.

The faculty of pedagogy and psychology presented two platforms at once – “Express tests” and “Speech therapy category”.

Psychological express tests are a great help for those who want to understand themselves. Only 6 unpretentious tasks - and the fifth-year student Lisa Sitnikova talks about what place in your life is occupied by love and friendship, your own opinion, career, personal and public. The 2nd year student Kristina Klimova answered questions about what speech therapy is, what are the features and capabilities of modern science and practice.

All this, as well as the “Scientists & Discoveries” exhibition and the opportunity to answer the question: “What is science for you?” made the big university break between lectures bright, informative and useful.

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