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IT-univer news: certificates issued, new courses announced

  • 28 October 2018, 13:01
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We invite you to become participants of unique programs from large IT-companies.

The participants of the course "PROAnalytics. Project Management", which were conducted by ELMA specialists in the framework of the IT-univer project, received certificates. In the process of learning, basic issues of project management, ranging from methodology and general principles to the generalization of the company's experience were considered. The course received about thirty applications, certificates received ten successfully completed training.

Soon, the company ELMA holds a training on course "PROanalytics. ECM". For 8 hours, participants will gain theoretical knowledge and practical experience in solving case studies on modeling and automating document movement routes, learn how to organize translation of documents from paper to electronic. To enroll for the course - on the project website.

Recently, the group of companies "Electron started to conduct the course "Introduction to configuration system 1C: Enterprise 8.3. Main objects". Within two weeks, students will get an idea of the main objects and mechanisms of the "1C: Enterprise 8.3" system, will form practical skills in configuring and programming in the "1C: Enterprise 8.3" system in a managed application mode ("thin client") using simple complex tasks. .

Welcome to IT-univer!


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