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Living Vyatka word

  • 24 December 2019, 08:08
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Philology students of Vyatka State University revealed its beauty and expressiveness to students of Kirov schools

What is Vyatka speech, how is it characterized, are Vyatka words understood by a modern person? Students of the Faculty of Philology and Media Communications of Vyatka State University told about this to schoolchildren in the lesson «Living Vyatka Word».

On November 27, student philological troops landed at school № 51, and on December 10 at the Kirov Lyceum of Natural Sciences. Students told schoolchildren what dialect speech is and what the features of Vyatka dialect are.

The guys learned that the Vyatka pronunciation is distinguished by the lack of pronunciation of Y (znaet, ponimaet), o-kan'ye and ye-kan'ye, frequent adding to the words a particle - to (moi-to zdes', a tvoy-to gde?), soft hissing (zh'izn'), soft «r» before consonants (tser'kov').

The schoolchildren tried to unravel the meaning of such Vyatka words as «basco», «wichka», «upetkat'sya», «obabok», «obutki», «baraluzhina», «ramen'», «swerbed'», «dotunkat'», «pazgat'», «balakat'» - and very successfully coped with this task!

Having completed interesting tasks, students learned many interesting expressions that clearly express the accuracy and imagery, the beauty and depth of the Vyatka dialect. As a gift from the Faculty of Philology and Media Communications and the Laboratory of Extralinguistic Studies of the Flagship University of the region, the Lyceum received the Thematic Dictionary of Vyatka dialects, prepared under the guidance of Z. V. Smetanina, the Associate Professor of the Department of the Russian language, speech culture and teaching methods.

Students received invaluable teaching experience and a lot of joy from communicating with the younger generation.

Many thanks to all participants! Love your native language!


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