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Magistrand of VyatSU Eugenia Yershova completed an internship in Bulgaria

  • 21 May 2019, 09:12
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Teaching activity of a young teacher of Russian language was highly appreciated in the Russian Lyceum in Sofia

Recently, Eugenia Yershova, who completes her master’s studies at the Faculty of Philology and Media Communications at VyatSU returned from the capital of Bulgaria to Kirov. The victory in the project “Masters of the Russian language”, conducted by the Representative Office of Rossotrudnichestvo in Bulgaria, allowed a student of the Flagship University of the Kirov region to undergo an internship at the Russian Lyceum in Sofia.

Eugenia shared her impressions about the trip:

Several competitive stages, a qualifying round - and here I am, in Sofia, the real heart of Bulgaria. The capital greeted me with the welcoming rays of the sun, mountain air and eye-catching contrasts. Here the buildings of the Gothic era and high-rise buildings are side by side, here the usual “yes” has become the unusual “no”, here many cultures, religions, countries have merged together, here you are understood in all the languages ​​you know. I brought the Russian language to Bulgaria for the children of the private kindergarten “Russian School”, where I was accepted into a large family of experienced teachers and tutors under the wise guidance of Lyubov Ivanovna Berova. Children were very inquisitive, capable of learning the language (not even one!), they understand Russian, can communicate freely with each other and with teachers. It is noteworthy that children helped me expand my vocabulary with Bulgarian common words. During the first working week, my arsenal consisted of 15 words.

Classes with a native speaker, of course, a benefit. Children work out their communication skills and broaden their horizons. So, talking with one of the groups in the kindergarten about my small homeland, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the children know about Dymkovo toys. Another group impressed me with deep knowledge of Russian folklore, poetry of Russian classics. In a word, it is a pleasure to be a teacher of such students!

Eugenia admitted that it was not easy to be alone in an unfamiliar country, but during the entire time she was there, the Office of Rossotrudnichestvo in the Republic of Bulgaria provided support and assistance. The organization's specialists provided Eugenia with necessary consultations, explained the subtleties of working with bilingual children, and provided an opportunity to participate in events useful for professional growth.

A few days ago, Vyatka State University reсeived a letter of thanks, signed by Shara Karsakpayeva, the director of the Russian Lyceum in Sofia, an educational and cultural complex, in one of whose divisions, Eugenia Yershova had her internship.

 About the work of the representative of VyatSU said:

- Eugenia presented the educational material easily and affordably, showing a high level of professionalism: she used multimedia tools and visual material so that students could fully become familiar with the richness of the Russian language and realize all its beauty. The intern conducted with young people a constant dialogue in Russian on topics that they care about, and thus the students expanded their language knowledge.

The start of Eugenia Yershova in the profession has become bright - there is no doubt that the young teacher has new successes ahead!


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