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Mathematics in layman's terms for everyone - at the Flagship University of the Kirov region

  • 25 February 2019, 09:57
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A well-known popularizer of mathematics, Alexey Savvateev, will give a lecture on the main achievements of combinatorics of the last five years

February 24 at 5 pm In the audience 128 of the main building of the VyatSU (Kirov, Moskovskaya St., 36) an unusual lecture on mathematics will take place. The Russian scientist Alexey Savvateev, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Rector of the Dmitry Pozharsky University, will read it.

Alexey Savvateev is known as a tireless popularizer of mathematics, confident that the wisdom of this science is available to the widest audience - and not just available, but incredibly interesting!

Everyone can be convinced of this, to visit Alexey Savvateev's lecture devoted to the review of the main achievements of the combinatorics of 2013-2018, which will take place at the VyatSU.

Mathematics in layman's terms absolutely for everyone by Alexey Savvateev - at the Flagship University of the Kirov region! Do not miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating knowledge and spend the weekend with benefits!


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