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Mauritania, Haiti, Sakhalin, Buryatia and sunny Crimea: In 2021, more than 2,500 schoolchildren from 12 countries have chosen VyatSU

  • 3 September, 14:07
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 Long-awaited full-time education format, new approaches of the educational process, comfortable accommodation and limitless love for their students - a new school year began in VyatSU

0-week in full swing, corridors of buildings gradually come to life and teachers diligently try to remember new groups of students. We have begun! And, fortunately, friendly and multinationally. Students from Hot Egypt, Congo, Peru, Afghanistan, Gabon, Azerbaijan and other countries appeared with the opening of the borders in the lists of enrolled students.

Rector VyatSU Valentin Pugach

    This year we have a huge 'gang' of joyful, funny, naive, purposeful young people. I really hope that fresh, young bloods with new goals, thoughts, the traditions they bring to the university, cheer our already exciting life.

In the top three of directions of studies, where most applicants this summer wamted to study - IT, jurisprudence, and, that is pleasantly especially, - pedagogy. The educational building for future teachers is equipped with the most recent methodological developments, and modern spacious coworking place helps share experiences  - a place where new ideas are born, projects are being developed, and creative processes are being implemented. "Invite us for a visit", the head of the Region of Igor Vasilyev called on future teachers, as part of a ceremonial meeting dedicated to the beginning of the school year.

Governor of the Kirov region Igor Vasilyev

    Today your childhood ends and begins the happy time of being a student. After a short time, you will stand at our places, and your children will be on yours. You will be responsible for the country as a whole and for the Kirov region, the future of Russia will depend on you.

In the meantime, the future scientists have a lot of work. And not only in terms of study. Ahead is a familiarity with the university's ecosystem: an educational and sports complex, a botanical garden, scientific laboratories, student associations and much more. But this is a slightly different story.

In the meantime, farewell, friends!

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