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More than just production

  • 15 November 2018, 07:54
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The district center Kotelnich gathered a large number of regional government leaders, representatives of public organizations and Kirov region media to the launch of a new production line at Prozhektor LLC, the only enterprise in our region founded and owned by the All-Russian Public Organization "The All Russia Association of the Blind (VOS)".

One of the most well-known due to plastic bottles polymeric materials - polyethylene terephthalate – is used to produce monofilament. These bottles become ordinary garbage after using, thus, posing a threat to the environment. Now, consumption waste has been used and has been given a second life - in the form of monofilament of varying thickness, demanded in the manufacture of brushes. "Projector" has launched this production with support of specialists from VyatSU Institute of Chemistry and Ecology and VyatSU Engineering Center.

First, this is a new high-tech production, contributing to the growth of gross regional product. Secondly, a step towards improving the environmental situation in the region and surroundings. And, finally, new jobs for people, including six visually impaired persons, - Valentin Pugach, VyatSU Rector said.

The head of the region Igor Vasilyev focused on the importance of solving this social problem. He explained that currently in Kirov region 6.5 thousand disabled people are employed - that is only 23 percent of this category of citizens. Therefore, the creation of each workplace is significant: after all, this is a real opportunity to ensure a full life, regardless of health status.

Issues of socialization and employment of visually impaired persons became a key during the round table, where the Vice-President of “The All Russia Association of the Blind (VOS)” Vladimir Sipkin, President of Kirov Regional Branch of VOS Sergey Alekseev, Director of “Projector” Company Victor  Bydanov, Head of Kotelnich Andrei Lykov participated.

Marina Luchinina, head of VyatSU Department of Social Work and Youth Policy, and Nyadezhda Lapteva from VyatSU Resource Learning and Methodology Center (RLMC) for teaching people with disabilities, shared their work experience of and provided samples of the equipment used.
At the end of the round table a concert was held, prepared by visually handicapped employees of “Projector”.
The start of the new production line has been given, and VyatSU has new plans ahead! At present, raw materials for production are purchased in the neighboring regions - is there really no consumption waste in our region? As Valentin Pugach informed, switching to local raw materials is a task for the nearest future.