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«Open January 25, 2025»

  • 5 February 2020, 01:15
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A letter with a Moscow postmark and an inscription on the envelope "Open January 25, 2025" came to the Union of students of Vyatka state University. Who sent this unusual message?

It turns out that on the Day of Russian Studentship, the Russian Post, together with the Student coordinating Council of Russia, organized a campaign to send letters to future students of the country's leading universities. The event was held in the Moscow region as part of the educational platform «Lectorium», where 200 students from 48 Russian regions were invited.

The Kirov region was represented by Marina Margaryan, a fifth-year student of the Faculty of History, Political Science and Cultural Studies of VyatSU, and the Chairman of the Student coordinating Council of the region. Having completed the Lectorium program at the Solnechnaya Polyana boarding house, full of master classes and trainings, she, along with her new friends, became a participant in an action to send letters to the future.

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