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Performance Laboratories at VyatSU Engineerium

  • 5 March 2019, 08:33
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From February 1 to February 20, VyatSU Engineerium has become the venue for a series of performance laboratories

The classes were part of a joint project of the Vyatka State University and the Vyatka Art Museum "Politics of the body". The curator of the project is a second-year magistrand of cultural stadies, Sofia Pikuleva, who became a grant holder in 2018, having won at the IVOLGA youth forum.

The first performance laboratory was held under the direction of the Kirov choreographer Lada Donskoy. The participants tried to feel the subtlety of human life, about where it comes from and where it ends, about the instability of external circumstances, about the place of man in nature and nature in man.

The author of the second performance lab is Tolyatti artist Alena Budarina. The classes were devoted to reflections on social branding, on the compliance of the individual with social expectations, on the role of observation and its impact on the world and the independence of man in choosing his life path.

Art group PROVMYZA (Directors of experimental cinema and theatre Sergey Provorov and Galina Myznikov) from Nizhny Novgorod - the curators of the third performance of the laboratory. The participants of the laboratory had the opportunity to work with the body "from the inside", that is, to rely not only on technical skills, but to feel a clot of inseparable energy, where sound and gesture are linked. They also participated in bodily practice, leading to the emergence of an unconventional type of performativity, where choreography is destroyed by gestures and the word by screaming or uneven breathing.

The work of the performance laboratories ended with a lecture-conversation of choreographers from St. Petersburg Tatiana and Elizaveta Tarabanov. The meeting was devoted to the story of the anatomy of the movement in the dance, as well as what the dancer's body was at different times, and how the modern dancer works with him.

The project continues! From February 21 to March 7, you will be able to listen to lectures ( devoted to the problem of physicality in art. The final chord of the project is an exhibition in the Vyatka Art Museum and in the Engineerium of the Vyatka State University.

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