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Postgraduate students gets their diplomas at VyatSU

  • 4 July 2018, 07:08
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One of this year graduates has defended her thesis for the academic degree of candidate of sciences ahead of general schedule.

VyatSU is proud of its highly qualified staff - not only experienced specialists, but also talented young people, a significant part of which was trained in postgraduate studies at their home university.

Yesterday the graduation ceremony was held for graduates of this year. Sergei Litvinets, vice-rector for science and innovation addressed the audience:

Today we give you diplomas for the next level of higher education, but we are doing this with mixed feelings. On the one hand, you’ve done a great job; on the other hand, this result is intermediate: it is still too early to relax - there is a new time period ahead, which goal is to finish this initiated business.

Olesya Ryazanova, one of the graduates of this year, defended her thesis for the degree of candidate of economic sciences in the united dissertation council on the basis of the Volga

State Technological University almost a month before the award of the diploma. Therefore Olesya's joy is doubled, and her example is quite inspiring for other graduates.

 This year 42 post-graduate students finish post-graduate studies at Vyatka State University, 29 of them were awarded graduating diplomas. Anna Chikisheva, head of the Department of postgraduate study, wished her students’ blue documents quickly became red. This metaphor is quite understandable for graduates: after all, red is the color of their future victory that is the defense of their candidate's dissertations.

The main feeling that overwhelms today's graduates is a huge gratitude to their scientific advisors. They spoke about this at the end of the ceremony in an informal atmosphere.

Warm words, good memories, and a collective photo - and after that again go ahead to a new achievement!

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