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Reactive girl Christina Garayeva

  • 1 April 2019, 10:24
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Technological entrepreneurship, “Reactive show”, sports - an employee of the Institute of Chemistry and Ecology of VyatSU Christina Garayeva told about her professional interests and sports hobbies

The story of a graduate, and now an employee of the VyatSU Christina Garaeva has no purpose to fit into the fashionable genre of success stories today. The reason lies on the surface: Christina is still very young, and her professional story is just beginning. At the same time, the girl has a lot of achievements, each of which becomes an important stage in the formation of professional competencies, sports biography, personality as a whole.

Christina has a bachelor's and master's degree of the Institute of Chemistry and Ecology. Now she works as an engineer of the Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, teaches colloidal chemistry, and still continues to work on the project "System of purification of galvanic effluents "Pure Drop", which aroused great interest at the youth forum of the PFD "Ivolga-2017". Then the Pure Drop team, consisting of Christina Garaeva and Olga Bervitskaya, who offered a unique development under the guidance of specialists of the Department of Technology of Inorganic Substances and Electrochemical Production, won a grant of the prestigious festival.

The project aims to solve one of the most important environmental problems - reducing the discharge of heavy metal ions into water bodies. The Pure Drop team proposed a compact system that allows implementing a waste-free method of purification from heavy metal ions.  What are the latest news about the project?

 - Now, we are actively cooperating with the Kirov-Chepetsk company UNIHIMTEK, which is engaged in the development of thermally expanded graphite. The production process produces effluents containing ions that pollute the environment.  It’s expensive and inconvenient to use the sewage treatment plant of another enterprise - so the company had the idea of ​​using our system at the enterprise, - told Christina. - If the customer is satisfied with the results of the preliminary work, an industrial design will be created.

Christina is a purposeful person. Confidently go in the chosen direction, by her own admission, helps sports.

- I have been engaged in sports since early childhood: I tried skates, skis, and many team games, - shared Christina.

– During studies at the University, I discovered kickboxing. I already have certain achievements: the first place in the open championship and championship of Kotlas, silver of the regional tournament in the full-contact section, the first place in the fourth tournament for prizes of merited Master of Sports Evgeny Khil in the section of the bow-kick (Perm), silver of 21 traditional tournament "Peter's Cup" in the section of the bow-kick, as well as the championship and championship of the PFD... Now my task is to train hard in order to achieve the title of Master of Sports and victories in all-Russian competitions.

Today, Christina is not only an athlete, but also a coach of the Kirov regional martial arts school “Shkval”. Passing on the wisdom of martial arts to her wards, she herself finds harmony.

It is believed that kickboxing is an aggressive sport, which means aggression, pertness and even anger characterize athletes. It’s not like that: martial arts make me more balanced, - admitted Christina.

Speaking about the success of Christina, it is impossible to pass by one of the most obvious: for several years, Christina is the star of the famous “Reactive Show”, acting under the direction of the head of the Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry Yulia Ushakova.

Interesting experiences, exciting special effects - where just did not demonstrate it members of the legendary project of VyatSU?! City and regional events, charity events and, of course, Open Doors Day, on which an unforgettable show of chemists every time becomes the highlight of the program.

As Christina explained, on March 30, on the Open Doors Day of the Institute of Chemistry and Ecology, the unique “Reactive Show” can again be seen within the walls of the VyatSU. Spectators are waiting for "hits" of the show, as well as completely new experiences.

Bright and dynamic "Reactive show" like Christina, active, purposeful, charismatic. Let the girl's life become a real success story: she has everything necessary for this!

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