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Remote scientific discussion

  • 19 April, 18:52
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Despite the fact that the educational process is currently being conducted in a remote format, this is not an obstacle to the further development of science and the pursuit of scientific activity

The use of modern Internet technologies, on the contrary, allows expanding the horizons of scientific communication and exchanging experience with scientists from different parts of our country, as well as foreign countries, which is sometimes difficult in the usual format of work.

The III International Scientific and Practical Conference “Actual Problems of the Development of the Civil Process”, which was held on April 14, 2020 in the mode of video-conference communication, organized by the Department of Civil Procedure Law of the Rostov branch of the Russian State University of Justice is confirmation of this.

The conference was attended by Associate Professor of the Department of Civil Law and the Process of Vyatka State University D. A. Plotnikov, who made a report on the topic "Problems of the legal assessment of digital audio and video recordings in civil proceedings." In total, the event was attended by 17 people - representatives of the legal community of Brest, Moscow, Saratov, Kirov and Rostov.

As a result of the scientific dialogue, it was possible to discuss urgent problems of observing the principles of civil procedural law when considering cases in the courts in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, access to justice in a pandemic, new sources of civil proceedings, the prospects of informatization and digitalization of civil proceedings, including participation in court sessions through social networks, the introduction of a non-governmental system for the enforcement of judicial acts, the problems of evaluating digital audio - and videos, etc.

This format of work allowed processualism scientists, even in difficult times, to continue the scientific discussion and exchange views on pressing issues of the science of civil procedural law.

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