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Special attention - educational work. Preparation of future teachers in VyatSU

  • 13 September, 19:38
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 This priority reflects the project "I am classy!" (orig. "Я - классный"), which started in the university "boiling point"

September 11 in the "Boiling Point" of VyatSU, the project "I am classy!" started, aimed at supporting pedagogical education. The project participants were more than 40 best class heads of Kirov's school -partners of VyatSU and third year Russian students studying in the direction of training "Pedagogical Education".

Recently, when solving the problems of Russian education, special attention is paid to educational work at school: targeted educational programs appear in the country, educational work advisors are introduced, the potential of the educational component of the target component of each lesson is entered. Under these conditions, it is impossible to underestimate the role of the main organizers of educational work at school - class heads. Today, the class head is not just a teacher, but a master who owns a large set of unique competencies, characteristic of only this component of pedagogical activity. They must be constantly developing and improving.

It is precisely for this purpose that the base department of pedagogical technologies and subject methods of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology of the Vyatka State University developed and launched the project "I am classy!", designed to solve several major tasks.

First of all, the project is aimed at developing and supporting students -future teachers - for the formation of key psychological and pedagogical competences necessary for the work of the class head, as well as superprofessional skills through practical training in a culturally-educational, information and pedagogical environment of a general educational organization.

The second task of the project is the development of professional skills of class teachers of students. The decision of this task was devoted to the workshop, organized by the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology VyatSU. Teachers of three educational organizations of the city of Kirov took part in the event: Gymnasium named after A. Grin, Gymnasium No. 46 and Lyceum No. 21. During the workshop, the class heads met with new trends and challenges in educational work at school, became participants of two trainings devoted to pedagogical technologies educational work, as well as the resource state of the class teacher.

And this is only the first meeting with pedagogues. Ahead is a number of educational meetings and online support of the mentoring work of class heads with students passing a distributed practice. Among the tasks that future teachers should perform are: studying educational programs, work with digital journaling, a comprehensive study of the teams of children, visiting and analyzing lessons, the study of the techniques for pedagogical equipment and the formation of universal training actions, the development of materials of additional education of schoolchildren, which has recently also gained a lot of attention in the Russian education system.

The main thing in practical training of students will be independent - with the support of the teacher-mentor - development, conduct and analysis of educational events of the pedagog nature: class hours, evenings, events. Materials on them will be collected in a separate collection and indexed in RISC - this is another project task and its product result.

The project will end in early December with reflective seminars meeting with teachers and students, as well as the traditional festival "Pedagogical potential of the region". Everyone who is interested in the development of the education system of the Kirov region can become his participant!

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