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Successfully. Qualitatively. Powerfully

  • 25 April 2019, 10:47
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On April 16, the educational project “Successfully. Qualitatively. Powerfully”, organized by the Student Council for the Quality of Education (SCforQE) and the Center of Education Quality System of the VyatSU was launched at the Flagship University of Kirov region.

The series of activities of the new project is addressed to students who, after holding the “Week for Quality-2019” at the university, decided to join the ranks of the action initiator - the Student Council for the Quality of Education.

Activists of the current Council and specialists of the Center of Education Quality System prepared a rich educational program for them.

Olga Semakova, the chair of the SCforQE, a third-year student of the faculty of construction and architecture, told about it, summarizing:

We will teach everything, we will tell everything, we will show everything!

Members of VyatSU SCforQE Anastasia Korovina and Elizaveta Barmina shared their stories of initiation into this activity. Membership in the Council is not a tiresome duty, but a voluntary, socially useful activity for them.

Readi Acquaintance of newcomers with the regulatory framework necessary for the implementation of purposes and objectives of the Council was held in a fun way: between the three teams - "Chocolate seals", "Likbez", and "Equator" - there were competitions in "Regulatory Biathlon".

Great interest was aroused by the meeting of the project participants with the Vice-rector for education Sergey Nikulin. Sergey Viktorovich emphasized that understanding is fundamental for him:

The position of the Council may be different from mine.

At the same time, Sergey Nikulin noted, monitoring students' opinions is important and necessary for him. Communication with S.V. Nikulin in the "Question-Answer" format turned into a lively, informal dialogue, which became useful for each of the parties.

 The first day of the project "Successfully. Qualitatively. Powerfully", no doubt was a success! On April 18, the next block of activities will take place. Newcomers of the Council will have to pass “baptism of fire” in the form of creating and protecting their own projects.



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