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Support young scientists of VyatSU in launching the production of Neskolzin shoe spray

  • 3 October, 20:30
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On the BoomStarter platform on October 1st, a fundraiser was launched for the implementation of the idea and mass production of an anti-slip spray

The problem of improving the safety of movement on the streets in winter is one of the most acute in our country due to climatic conditions. Every year, tens of thousands of people slipping on the ice break body parts, and many people, especially the elderly, can't recover from their injuries.

Young scientists of our university found a solution to the problem of slippery streets. The developed anti-slip product has a number of competitive advantages that fundamentally distinguish Neskolyzin from existing solutions:

    1. High anti-slip performance. The coating increases the grip of the shoe sole on the ice surface by at least 12 times. Confirmed by laboratory experiments!
    2. Economical and safe. One bottle is enough to process 25 pairs of shoes throughout the winter.
    3. The coating continues to work for 2.5 km. The composition does not harm the materials of the sole or the shoe itself.

The project team includes excellent students in their areas:

    Anna Devyatkova - author of the idea (Faculty of Chemistry of Vyatka State University with honors 2016-2020; Master student at the Institute of Economics and Management)

    Ilya Basharin - technical specialist, author of the spray formulation (Faculty of Chemistry, Vyatka State University with honors 2016-2020; junior researcher at Vyatka State University, master student at the Institute of Chemistry and Ecology)

    Roman Vesnin - curator of research, mentor of the project (Head of the Department of Chemistry and Technology of Polymer Processing at the Institute of Chemistry and Ecology; business experience over 6 years)

Today the project is completely ready to start mass production! The immediate tasks are the purchase of components (containers, valves, sprayers, etc.), ordering the missing equipment and the start of production. In case of successful fundraising, the authors of the project plan to release the first batch of products in November 2021.

Everyone has the opportunity to support our guys! Join us!

Spray production "Neskolzin"
. Made in Russia. Made in VyatSU!


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