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The Flagship University of the Kirov region has reached a fundamentally new level of interaction with an industrial partner in Russia

  • 24 February 2020, 21:30
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The developments carried out at the Institute of Biology and Biotechnology of Vyatka State University for the Mordovian nanocenter will provide the university with a stable financial result
On February 20, the Vyatka state University signed a cooperation agreement with Biotech Technology company LLC, a structural division of the Center for Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials of the Republic of Mordovia, which is, in turn, a joint project of RUSNANO and the government of the Republic of Mordovia. The company specializes in the development and industrial production of biological products for agriculture.
It is essentially a transition to a qualitatively new format of interaction: from the implementation of one-time orders to strategic cooperation on a permanent basis, - stressed the rector of the Vyatka State University Valentin Pugach.
Maksim Chepezubov, the Director General of the Mordovian Nanocenter, said:
We have already implemented several projects with Vyatka State University in the framework of familiar relations: the customer pays, the university develops the technology and transfers it to the customer, without having further rights to it. We saw that the university has the potential to significantly increase the pace and number of developments. And we have the potential for the same increase in the number of startups in this direction.
Denis Kiselev, the Director General of Biotech, also noted the positive experience of previous collaboration with the university and expressed hope for further effective cooperation, obtaining a guaranteed result in promising areas of biotechnology.
It is, first of all, about the development of crop protection products, new food enzymes, animal protection products, equipment cleaning products at food and oil enterprises, biological waste processing products, as well as biodegradable packaging. Now, according to the agreement, the Institute of Biology and Biotechnology of Vyatka State University will have to do this on the terms of reference of the industrial partner on a permanent basis, and the created technologies will form the basis of new startups of the Nanocenter.
The development of popular technologies for the task of an industrial partner in exchange for deductions from profits will provide the university with a stable financial result from scientific work. Such approach to the interaction between the university and business is new for Russia, our task is to make it a case, ready for replication, - noted the Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation of Vyatka State University Sergey Litvinets.
The Director of the Institute of Biology and Biotechnology of Vyatka State University Ekaterina Martinson assured:
We have all the opportunities to accomplish the tasks at a high level: modern laboratory facilities and pilot production, highly qualified personnel. And, of course, students are participants in the development of new products as part of project activities.

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