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The Flagship University receives a visit from a team of "SKOLKOVO"

  • 24 October 2018, 07:54
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Teachers and experts of a well-known business school are implementing a session of strategic planning of university’s activities for VyatSU employees

Today, on the basis of the Kolos sanatorium, a session of strategic planning of the university’s activities has started. During the week, the team of the Moscow School of Management «Skolkovo» will implement it for employees of the Flagship University of the Kirov region.

VyatSU has repeatedly become a participant of various programs from business education professionals - this time it was decided to conduct training without leaving the region and covering the maximum number of university staff.
Addressing the session participants, the rector of VyatSU Valentin Pugach noted:

The event was conceived as an intra-university, closed - we hope this will allow everyone to exchange opinions as freely as possible, to speak truthfully and objectively on the topics of concern to each of us. First of all, this is a discussion of the place and role of our university in the processes that have been taking place in higher education in recent years.

I hope the work will be effective and will ensure our interaction - already in ordinary, everyday life - as they say, from a half-word.
The key event of the first day was the speech of the scientific director of the Moscow School of Management "Skolkovo", the deputy chairman of the Council for the Competitiveness of the leading universities of the Russian Federation among the world's leading research and education centers Andrei Volkov. Andrei Evgenievich immediately focused on his interest in the questions of those who came to the audience as listeners: it is only in this way that feedback can be established and a constructive dialogue can be provided.
Education determines everything -
- In this thesis, the most important value landmark of Andrei Volkov is concluded: who, if not the employees of the university, should be divided in the first place? ..

Can the Russian high school get into the top 10 of the world? Does the education system of Russia have a serious chance to become an “export commodity”? What is the role of a single university in promoting this goal? Can universities become real innovation centers in the regions? Under what conditions?
These questions became the starting points of Andrei Volkov’s reasoning. Concluding his speech, the lecturer emphasized:
At this point should put not a dot, but ellipsis. My presentation, I hope, will be the background of a great conversation that will take place here during the session.

Plenary sessions, group work, expert presentations, reflection - all these awaits the participants of an extensive program from Skolkovo professionals with the next six days.
Before leaving Kirov, Andrei Volkov gave another lecture “Modern University and Tasks of Leading Higher Education Institutions of the Russian Federation”. The Lecture was held in the assembly hall of the main building of the VyatSU, and gathered more than 250 employees of the Flagship University.

Session "Skolkovo" for VyatSU given a great start!