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The founder and director of the world-famous iSpring company Yuri Uskov shared professional success secrets with students and employees of VyatSU

  • 8 September, 17:09
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  The meeting was held in the framework of the project "Lectures in Polytechnic"

On September 7th, a new season of the "Lectures in the Polytechnic" project was started in Vyatka State University; Yuri Uskov, founder and director of iSpring became the guest of the this meeting.

Representing the speaker, Rector of VyatSU Valentin Pugach noticed that it is difficult to find one definition for him: After all, Yuri Uskov and an outstanding entrepreneur, and a high-class programming specialist, and a deep thinker, who raises ideological problems.

The numerous people in the audience this time amounted to students and staff members who came to listen to the legend of the Russian IT business. It is known that iSpring, established and headed by Uskov, is super successful: Today it is considered one of the recognized international leaders in the field of distance learning platforms for business. Sony, Panasonic, Lamoda, Alpha Capital, Yandex, Lukoil, Johnson & Johnson and thousands of other companies are iSpring clients. Unusual in this story it seems that the company is located in the Russian province - Yoshkar-Ola, the hometown of Yuri Uskova. This is completely tearing the template, which many people have, that ​​what is cool can only be in the capital.

It turns out that it can be cool everywhere - this proves the personal example of Yuri Uskov. At VyatSU's platform, he told what he considers important when choosing a profession and building a trajectory of a successful career. Together with the listeners, he pondered about what qualities should be reflected in the resume of the employee - not figurative and theoretical, but the real and necessary practically! Qualification, motivation, sociability, potential, responsibility and much more - at the same time one of the important places in the desired list for Yuri Viktorovich himself occupies decency, for the moral measure never loses relevance.

Interestingly, not only future programmers, but also students of pedagogical areas of studies became participants in the meeting. It turned out that Yuri Uskov closely deals with issues of education: he teaches at the university himself, opened a computer school for children, dreams of creating a private university. Pedagogue, he is convinced, is one of the most popular and promising professions.

   - I am very glad that young people choose the teacher's profession. I hope that later more men would come to it, - shared the opinion Yuri Uskov.

The conversation turned out to be alive and informal. Summing up his results, Valentin Pugach addressed to students:

   - Now you heard about the competences necessary to build a successful career. We are ready to constantly improve the learning process, so that at the university you would receive absolutely everything necessary for future professional activities, taking into account the highest requirements.

Let today's students succeed and subsequently they will be able to find jobs of their dreams - in the successful companies, like those which created and still develops Yuri Uskov, a real devotee and a patriot of his small homeland.


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