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The future is in international cooperation

  • 24 October 2019, 10:13
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Foreign participants of the conference on fluoropolymers shared their impressions and plans for further cooperation with Vyatka State University

The international scientific-practical conference "Fluoropolymers: research, production problems, new fields of application",

which gathered at the Flagship University of the Kirov region, leading experts from around the world, is in full spate.

Both within the sections and on the sidelines, there is an active discussion of acute scientific and practical issues in the field of obtaining innovative fluoropolymer materials for modern energy, aircraft and rocket engineering, mechanical engineering, and the chemical and petrochemical industries.

The conference is moving forward successfully - we see very good interaction between colleagues from different countries, -

emphasized the program committee co-chair Bruno Amedouri (University of Montpellier, France), one of the largest researchers in functional fluoropolymers and oligomers.

Bruno Amedouri got acquainted with the activities of the competence center "Polymer materials" of Vyatka state University and shared his impressions:

Researchers performed a significant amount of work, made great strides in the study of fluoropolymers. Now with colleagues from Vyatka state University we plan further cooperation with access to international relations.

Hideo Sawada, a Professor of the University of Hirosaki (Japan), who learned about the activities of the competence center "Polymer materials" a year ago during a conversation with the director of the Institute of Chemistry and Ecology of Vyatka State University Sergei Fomin, agrees with his colleague.

We are planning a collaboration. Russia is rich in raw materials for fluoropolymers, while in Japan it is much more difficult. Obviously, the future is in cooperation, -

noted Mr. Sawada. Assessing the work of the conference, he emphasized:

This conference is very important for the whole community of fluoropolymer's researchers, and not only for them. After all, fluoropolymers are the material of the future, which can be very widely used.

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